Linux DaVinci

Develop Without Limits

Linux DaVinci is a simple development Distro made with a KISS logic. Just run it as a Live CD and you're good to go. No more effort to spent on running complex software setups to fullfil your development needs.

Actually this distribution is based upon Slax 6.0.3 and it's packaged as default with the Italian language.

Also, this distribution is pretty much old today (with outdated packages). But a new version is in progress and will be posted here as soon as possible.

Finally this distrubtion is offered within the GPLv3 license.


This project was actually been borned in my College when I was graduating as my final exam. My goal was to demonstrate to my School that powering computer labs with Linux was possible, cheap and really performant.

Actually, it seems that they had adopted this, and they're really happy with it. And normally, I'm happy too because of that :)


LinuxDaVinci CD/DVD Image 9e9bbe3fe28b06e7595094e2cecce6e6
LinuxDaVinci Module b13d515fc7f5a3c67153eb6daffc77f0


Julian Xhokaxhiu, 2013